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What is Giftassist?

When you give someone a gift you want them to be impressed. After all, you're spending your hard earned cash - you want a positive reaction.

But can you really expect to get that with a generic, one-size-fits-all gift, that will most likely be enjoyed for a day or 2 before making its way to the back of a dark cupboard?

So what is the solution?

You need to find a gift that matches the personality of the person you are buying for. A gift that says "I know what you are into and I am thoughtful enough to find you a gift that you will genuinely like".

That's where Giftassist comes in.

By asking the right questions we can learn something about the person you are buying for and find them the perfect gift from our database of over 10,000 products.

We built Giftassist to help people like you and we really hope you enjoy it.

Who are Giftassist?

Rob Watson

Rob has been working in online retail since 1999. He wrote his first blog post in 2005. He can't remember what it about, but suspects it was written very poorly.

He lives in Coventry, UK with his wife and twin boys.

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